MSSMA, currently contracts with Legal Tax Services for all of our Sewage Billing needs.  They have been the sewage billing provider for the Borough since 2005.  The Borough utilized their services for years before the Authority was created and split from the Borough and MSSMA remained with Legal Tax.

Sewage is billed monthly, and is billed 1 month behind the water bill.  So, the bill you receive in October, is due in November, but was for water consumption of water used in September.  

Once you register your account, you are able to pay your bill and review your account online.

Online Payments are available at

If you prefer to pay be check, you can mail your payment in or drop it off in the lobby of the Borough Building.  **note, the Borough Building is not accessible on weekends, or evenings.  

If you want to pay with cash, then you will need to visit Legal Tax at 704 Lebanon Road, West Mifflin, PA 15122