Every 4 years, ALCOSAN releases their rates to their 83 municipal customers.  Since MSSMA is 100% funded by rate payer and grant funds, we must balance a budget to incorporate the increases.  Our Authority does not rely on Borough tax dollars to operate.  

In a typical year,  the sewage costs for treatment increase. In 2019, the sewage increase to Munhall from ALCOSAN as 7% per bill and per water usage.  Although the rates increased for Munhall to pay for the sewage conveyed to the treatment plant, MSSMA was able to absorb the increase by restructuring the rates by creating an EDU based billing structure.  EDU billing is used when multiple units on 1 water meter pay a line fee based on water consumption, not just the building.  

In 2020, MSSMA will again pay a 7% increase on the cost per bill, and on consumption.  MSSMA, works on creating a budget to determine the increase we need to pass on to the residents. The amount that the Authority is required to budget for in 2020 is $2,649,346.88, just for treatment costs. This is not any operational or maintenance costs.  

MSSMA has not had to increase rates within the Borough in 4 years, despite the charges to the Authority increasing over those same 4 years. 

In 2020, MSSMA will pass on its 7% increase to the residents of the Borough of Munhall.  The increase will be $1.00 on the EDU/Line fee, and also $1.00/per 1,000 gallons. 

2020 Rates will be:


$12.50/1,000 Gallons