The Munhall Sanitary Sewer Municipal Authority was formed in 2008, after the Borough along with many many other communities were given their 1st Consent Order by the EPA/DEP/ACHD. 

Borough Council decided to branch off the Authority to manage and maintain the Sanitary Sewer System throughout the Borough of Munhall.  This included dye tests, nearly $12,000,000 in sewer system repairs, updates and mapping.  Just to name a few, and we are still improving!  The majority of the sewer system within the Borough is to be on on average of 100 years old.  

The Authority consists of a 100% volunteer 5 Member Board, an Authority Manager, and an Office Assistant.  We subcontract out all of our sewer system work, since it is a specialized type of work.  

The sewer system in Munhall system is considered a hybrid system which means that we are 1/4 Combined Sewer System, and 3/4 Closed Sanitary System. 

MSSMA is ONE of the 83 Municipalities that contribute to the ALCOSAN Sewage Treatment Plant.

Munhall Sanitary Sewer Municipal Authority (MSSMA)
1900 West St.
Suite 4
Munhall PA 15120
(412) 464-7373

Office Hours:

Monday & Friday – By Appointment Only
Tuesday – 9 am to 2 pm
Wednesday – 9 am to 2 pm
Thursday – 9 am to 2 pm