Every property being Transferred from one person to another within the Borough of Munhall is required to have Point of Sale (POS) dye testing Certifications for ALL properties within the Borough.  There are 2 different types of Certification based on connection.

Separate Sanitary Sewer Area :  95% of the Borough falls into this category.  This area requires a comprehensive dye test.  While the Authority requires only a physical dye test to meet the regulations, camera tests are permitted.  A positive connection for drains inside the home and a negative test for all storm water are required for the Authority to process the test.

Combined Sewer Area: The north end of Munhall, or from 8th Avenue to approximately 18th Avenue are typically combined sewers. Always contact the Authority Office to verify.  Physical dye tests are NOT required at this time, but the Certification is required for release of lien letters from Legal Tax.

Contact Toni Cregan, tcregan@mssma.us for any additional questions.

Below is the most recent dye test form and instructions.

Sewer Dye Test Protocol 2022