Rates for 2021 did NOT increase for Munhall residents.  The Authority was able to absorb the ALCOSAN 7% increase for 2021, due to no projects being conducted in 2020 due to the pandemic. 


Each year the Board of Directors for the Munhall Sanitary Sewer Municipal Authority (MSSMA) along with the Engineer and Manager, plan and coordinate a working budget for the upcoming calendar year.  This includes sewer projects, cost of operations, sewage treatment payments, loan payments, repairs, ect.  

2019 began a new method for sewage billing for the Authority.  The type of billing is called EDU (Equivalent Dwelling Unit).  This is determined by 2 factors, the building type (single family, multi-family, commercial, and industrial), along with the amount of water that is used.  For example, a multiple unit dwelling or complex that has 1 water meter, will pay based on the water consumption.  The calculation for and EDU is 203 gallons of water per day.  If a dwelling or structure uses more than 6,090 gallons of water a month, and has multiple units, or is a commercial unit, it will be billed per EDU. 

The 2020 rate is $17.00/EDU for the line fee, and $12.50/1,000 of water consumed.

The $17.00 is NOT water based, and is charged regardless of water service.  

EXAMPLE:  A 40 Unit building uses an average of 110,000 gallons of water a month.  

110,000/30 days = 3,666.67 gallons per day  3,666.67/203 = 18.07 EDU (we would use just 18)

This example shows that even though the building has 40 units, they are paying for 18, because the water usage is below the 6,090 gallons per day.  

EDU Billing is fair, consistent, and fits everyone.  It allows everyone to pay their fair share for the sewage treatment, based on the water consumption.